What’s a ‘staycation’?

With the rising price of gas and airline tickets, many of us can’t afford to travel long distances for vacation. Try the alternative – a staycation. Staycations – just like they sound – are stay at home vacations.

One of my favorite staycations took place last fall. We visited the local zoo, the beach, a maritime museum, a casino, and tried two new restaurants. All of this was accomplished on a budget and using coupon deals.

Check out these money-saving sources when planning your next staycation.

  • Restaurant.com provides deeply discounted restaurant certificates to eateries in your own backyard. Read more about Restaurant.com in one of my recent blog posts.
  • Groupon offers discounts to many attractions in your area including sporting events, winery tours, and amusement parks. Visit their website to search by zipcode for deals near you.
  • Entertainment.com serves as a large database of printable 2-for-1 coupons to restaurants and attractions. You must subscribe to their online catalog to access the coupons.

© Jessica Leigh Rosier 2013

Staycations allow you to discover treasures in your own backyard, like this WPA-era tower at our local zoo.

A staycation allowed me to discover treasures in my own backyard, like this WPA-era tower at the local zoo.

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2 thoughts on “What’s a ‘staycation’?

  1. Leah K.

    What do you recommend for those who live in a city that does not take advantage of groupon? Or for those that have lived in the same city for years with no new attractions?

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