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Finding a clean bathroom while traveling can be a monumental task, especially when touring a big metropolitan area. I remember a trip to New York City a few years back that entailed a harrowing bathroom-seeking experience. After searching for a bathroom for over an hour, I finally decided to pop into a national coffee chain and use their facilities. I patronized the coffee chain back home, so I assumed their amenities would be satisfactory. I was wrong, however, and found a filthy, one-stall unisex bathroom strewn with endless unrolled toilet paper after a 45-minute wait. Today, thanks to the app, Sit or Squat, I never worry about facing this problem. Sit or Squat is a free service sponsored by Charmin that relies on users to review bathrooms in a given area.

Those of you adventurous enough to embark on a road trip without any plan intact will love Hotel Tonight. The free app for Androids and iPhones allows travelers to make last-minute hotel reservations at deeply discounted prices. Rates are revealed at noon on the day of check-in. Simply open the app in the afternoon to book your discounted hotel for that same evening.

It has happened to all of us at one time or another. We’ve forgotten to pack our toiletry kit or we’re hungry for a midnight snack – we just don’t know where to go. Next time, instead of going to bed hungry, try the app AroundMe. Frommers highly recommends the app, which provides a list of nearby pharmacies, supermarkets, theaters, restaurants, hotels, and more based on your location.

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Looking for a clean bathroom while traveling? Try the app "Sit or Squat".

Looking for a clean bathroom while traveling? Try the app “Sit or Squat”.

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